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bool QDBusProxy::send ( const QString &  method,
const QValueList< QVariant > &  params 
) const

Sends a method call to the peer object.

This is roughly equivalent to calling a C++ method with no return value or like ignoring the it.

method the name of the method to invoke
params the method parameters. Use an empty list if the method does not require parameters
true if sending succeeded, false if sending failed, the method name was empty or any of the conditions for successfull sending as described for canSend() are not met
See also:



Method and signal names

Definition at line 136 of file qdbusproxy.cpp.

References QDBusMessage::methodCall().

    if (!d->canSend || method.isEmpty() || !d->connection.isConnected())
        return false;

    QDBusMessage message = QDBusMessage::methodCall(d->service, d->path,
                                                    d->interface, method);
    message += params;

    return d->connection.send(message);

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