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void QDBusProxy::handleDBusSignal ( const QDBusMessage message  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

Handles DBus signals received on the proxy's connection.

The base implementation checks each non-empty property, i.e. service name, object path and interface, with the respective field of the signal's DBus message.

If all available matches succeed, the message is emitted by dbusSignal(), otherwise it is discarded.

message the DBus signal message as received
See also:

Definition at line 185 of file qdbusproxy.cpp.

References dbusSignal(), QDBusMessage::interface(), QDBusMessage::path(), and QDBusMessage::sender().

Referenced by setConnection().

    if (!d->path.isEmpty() && d->path != message.path())

    if (!d->service.isEmpty() && d->service != message.sender())

    if (!d->interface.isEmpty() && d->interface != message.interface())

    emit dbusSignal(message);

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