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bool QDBusProxy::setConnection ( const QDBusConnection connection  ) 

Sets the DBus connection to work on.

Disconnects from any previously used connection and connects to the new connection's signal distribution. If no peer information has been provided at creation time or through the other set methods, the instance's signal dbusSignal() will emit all signals received on the given connection.

connection the DBus connection to work on
true if connecting to the new connection's signal succeeded, false if it failed, e.g. if the connection is a "null" connection
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Definition at line 84 of file qdbusproxy.cpp.

References handleDBusSignal().

Referenced by QDBusProxy().

    d->connection.disconnect(this, SLOT(handleDBusSignal(const QDBusMessage&)));

    d->connection = connection;

    return d->connection.connect(this, SLOT(handleDBusSignal(const QDBusMessage&)));

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