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QDBusMessage QDBusMessage::signal ( const QString &  path,
const QString &  interface,
const QString &  member 
) [static]

Creates a message for sending a DBus signal.

Sending/emitting a signal over DBus requires a message of type SignalMessage as well as the information where it is coming from, i.e. which interface of which object is sending it. See Naming and syntax conventions in DBus for recommendations on those parameters.

path the object path of the service object
interface the object's interface to which the signal belongs
member the signal's name
a message suitable for appending arguments and for sending
See also:

Definition at line 50 of file qdbusmessage.cpp.

References d.

    QDBusMessage message;
    message.d->type = DBUS_MESSAGE_TYPE_SIGNAL;
    message.d->path = path;
    message.d->interface = interface;
    message.d->member = member;

    return message;

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