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QDBusMessage QDBusMessage::methodError ( const QDBusMessage other,
const QDBusError error 
) [static]

Creates a message for replying to a DBus method call.

Replying to a DBus method call in the case of failure requires a message of type ErrorMessage as well as the information to which method call it is replying to and which error occured.

other the method call message it is replying to
error the error which occured during during the method call
a message suitable for appending arguments and for sending
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Definition at line 86 of file qdbusmessage.cpp.

References d.


    QDBusMessage message;
    message.d->type = DBUS_MESSAGE_TYPE_ERROR;
    message.d->reply = dbus_message_ref(other.d->msg);
    message.d->error = error;

    return message;

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