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QDBusMessage & QDBusMessage::operator= ( const QDBusMessage other  ) 

Creates a shallow copy of the given message.

This instance will become a handle to the same message data the other message is usingm including MessageType

Any content used in this instance will be deleted if this instance was the last handle using that content

other the message to copy
a reference to this instance as required by assignment operator semantics

Definition at line 116 of file qdbusmessage.cpp.

References d.

    // FIXME-QT4 qAtomicAssign(d, other.d);
    if (other.d) other.d->ref.ref();
    QDBusMessagePrivate* old = d;
    d = other.d;
    if (old && !old->ref.deref())
        delete old;
    return *this;

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