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int QDBusConnection::sendWithAsyncReply ( const QDBusMessage message,
QObject *  receiver,
const char *  slot 
) const

Sends a message over the bus, specifying a receiver object for replies.

Sends a message composed through the QDBusMessage API to the bus and returns an identifier number to associate with the reply once it is received by the given receiver. See QDBusMessage::replySerialNumber()

The required slot signature is

   void slotname(const QDBusMessage&);

for doing method calls it is more convenient to use QDBusProxy, see QDBusProxy::sendWithAsyncReply()
message the message to send
receiver the QObject to relay the reply to
slot the slot to invoke for the reply
a numeric identifier for association with the reply or 0 if sending failed
See also:

Definition at line 254 of file qdbusconnection.cpp.

    if (!d || !d->connection)
        return 0;

    return d->sendWithReplyAsync(message, receiver, method);

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