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DBusObject Class Reference

#include <dbusobject.h>

Inheritance diagram for DBusObject:


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Detailed Description

Representation of a DBus object.

Definition at line 31 of file dbusobject.h.

Public Member Functions

 DBusObject (QListViewItem *parent, QDomElement const &elem, QDBusProxy *proxy) throw ( QDBusSendError, QDBusXmlError )
QString interface () const
QString object () const
QString service () const
QWidget * widget (QWidget *parent) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void ensureElementHasAttribute (QDomElement const &elem, QString const &attr) throw ( QDBusXmlError )
static void ensureElementIsNamed (QDomElement const &elem, QString const &name) throw ( std::logic_error )

Protected Member Functions

void addErrorInfo (QWidget *widget) const
QString discoverInterface () const
QString discoverObject () const
QString discoverService () const

Protected Attributes

QString m_error
 if !m_ok, contains error message
QString m_interface
QString m_object
bool m_ok
QString m_service

Private Member Functions

 DBusObject (DBusObject const &other)
 Not implemented.
const DBusObjectoperator= (DBusObject const &other)
 Not implemented.

Private Attributes

Private * d


class  Private

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