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DBusAnnotatable Class Reference

#include <dbusannotatable.h>

Inheritance diagram for DBusAnnotatable:

DBusItem DBusInterface DBusMethodOrSignal DBusProperty DBusMethod DBusSignal

List of all members.

Detailed Description

All DBus items which can be annotated should inherit from this.

Definition at line 35 of file dbusannotatable.h.

Public Member Functions

 DBusAnnotatable (QListView *parent, QString const &text1, QString const &text2)
 DBusAnnotatable (QListViewItem *parent, QString const &text1, QString const &text2)
QString interface () const
QString object () const
QString service () const
virtual QWidget * widget (QWidget *parent) const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static void ensureElementHasAttribute (QDomElement const &elem, QString const &attr) throw ( QDBusXmlError )
static void ensureElementIsNamed (QDomElement const &elem, QString const &name) throw ( std::logic_error )

Protected Member Functions

void addAnnotation (QDomElement const &elem) throw ( QDBusXmlError )
void addAnnotationInfo (QWidget *widget) const
void addErrorInfo (QWidget *widget) const
QString discoverInterface () const
QString discoverObject () const
QString discoverService () const

Protected Attributes

QMap< QString, QString > m_annotations
 Map from annotation name to value.
QString m_error
 if !m_ok, contains error message
QString m_interface
QString m_object
bool m_ok
QString m_service

Private Member Functions

 DBusAnnotatable (DBusAnnotatable const &other)
 Not implemented.
const DBusAnnotatableoperator= (DBusAnnotatable const &other)
 Not implemented.

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